Training Guidelines

    A: While Registration

    1. Students need to fill out and submit the registration form at least 2 days before the commencement of the respective course.
    2. Please feel free to enlist a time requirement if any, failing to do which you shall only be entitled to batch either as per the time requirement of other students or the trainer's feasibility. 
    3. If there is any requirement with regards to completion of the course, please mention the duration and make sure you attend all your sessions on time failing which we do not stand accountable for any kind of refund or responsibility related to it. 
    4. If there is a time requirement for the course you take up, you need to register at least 15 days before for us to make sure of the availability of the trainer at the specified time and day. However, the commencement of the course may take at least 15-20 days of time after you register. Hence plan accordingly. 
    5. RASA holds the right to stop your course in between if you fail to clear your dues and installments. Under such circumstances, you are entitled to Backlog Sessions which can be provided only after we receive mail from you after clearing the outstanding. 
    6. Student needs to make sure they create a Gmail account before registering which is mandatorily required to connect with the respective trainer on Hangouts for all the possible kind of update with regards to the course. Failing to do so, the team does not stand responsible if the student does not receive any updates on the above-mentioned. 
    7. Only one valid email ID per student is to be provided while registration. All the communication would be sent through the registered email ID only. Changing the email ID from that provided during registration to a new one shall be charged Rs.1000/- every time you do so. 
    8. We shall intimate students via email regarding the commencement of the course. However, if a student does not join the course within 3 months of the commencement of the course date, then his/her registration will be deemed canceled. The student needs to re-register accordingly. 
    9. All online training is conducted on RASA online portal. The details such as link, user id, and password will be sent once the student is registered. 
    10. The training course needs to be completed as per the duration of the course and as per the set timelines after which the student is subject to taking necessary extensions which are chargeable. 
    11. Pre-recorded sessions would be provided to students for reference purposes. No Download allowed 
    12. Laptops are compulsory for training. 
    13. The fees paid to RASA on joining a course are non-transferable and non-refundable under whatsoever circumstances. 
    14. If you opt for a course and do not complete it for whatever reasons or duration and ask for an upgradation of your course against the paid amount when you decide to rejoin RASA is totally unjustifiable. Such upgradation would not be allowed even on medical grounds. 
    15. All communication would be with the students/learner. The involvement of parents/ guardians in any communication with RASA or its team members is strictly unauthorized. 
    16. No refund for the registered course, reason whatsoever.

    B: After Registration.

    1. You shall receive the schedule of your sessions via mail.
    2. Please ensure you send an invite to the trainer via Hangouts within a day’s time of receiving your scheduled mail for seamless and hassle-free communication.

    C: During Training.

    1. All are requested to join the session on time. Preferably, 5 min’s before the session. In case there is any change or delay then the trainer shall inform you over email or chats.
    2. Students need to check their internet, audio, and microphone connections before joining the training session.
    3. Your first Session would be an Induction Session which is compulsory to attend. All the necessary knowledge by the Trainer and HR, pertaining to helping you with issues that you may face during the course would be shared in this session.
    4. Attendance during the training period is compulsory. We do not encourage students to avail leave during the training schedule. However, leave may be granted for medical emergencies at the discretion of management. Such approval will be on a case-to-case basis on the submission of valid medical certificates.
    5. In the event, that the student has missed any training he/she needs to refer to the recorded video sessions. For seeking any clarification, the student can connect with the trainer via the chat interface on the online training portal.
    6. In case of sudden cancellation of a batch/batches due to technical issues, medical emergency, leave, holiday, or unavoidable circumstances students will be informed either via mail.
    7. Assignments and attendance all will be marked automatically through the RASA portal.
    8. For any kind of queries or leave-related issues or permissions, kindly follow your scheduled mail thread only. All RASA email IDs have to be marked in cc. No separate or newly composed emails will be acknowledged or reverted.
    9. All queries and information exchanges need to be done via online portal chats and emails.
    10. The required software would be installed by the trainer as per requirement during the training. Students need to provide all the necessary access including their system to the trainer failing to which Rasa reserves the right to cancel the registration of the student without any charges being refunded or transferred.
    11. The training course needs to be completed as per the duration of the course and as per the set timelines.
    12. Under circumstances where a student decides to discontinue Review Work or Project Work, he/she stands ineligible for their name/mention in the publication. The name of the student for publication in journals will only be subject to completion of the work/task undertaken.
    13. Experience Certificate is mandatorily subject to completion of Review/Project Work.

    D: Backlogs.

    1. If you miss any sessions kindly immediately notify HR through mail requesting Backlog mentioning the topics that need to be covered. The subject of the mail should be Backlog and in the mail, the module and the topics to be covered need to be mentioned.
    2. Backlog sessions are subject to the schedules and availability of the trainer and not the time requirement of the student.
    3. Students as promised shall be eligible for unlimited Backlog Sessions but within the duration of the course. Once the duration of the course expires the validity of the Backlog session expires too.
    4. Backlogs are subject to leave applications. If a student fails to submit a leave application, he/she will strictly not be added to Backlog Sessions.

    E: Reviews/Projects and Terminations.

    1. Review work is a choice, students can refuse to undertake review work in writing( via mail to all RASA EMAIL IDS), but the project is compulsory for eligible students.
    2. An experience certificate is subject to completion and final submission of the Project Work.
    3. Experience certificates shall be allotted only for the duration of the course and not the time is taken by the student for completing the course.
    4. Review and Project Work are subject to termination if the student fails to take the necessary extension for the same on or before the set deadlines.
    5. Misbehavior of students with the Trainer during Review/Project Work may result in termination of the same.

    F: Grades and Certification.

    1. Students would directly be awarded Grade F if the attendance of the student is found to be less than 50%.
    2. Certificates of the students are subject to Google Review and shall be awarded only after the needful is done.
    3. Certificates shall only be provided after the completion of the course duration and not of the training. If a student does not receive a Feedback Form within 20 days of his Course Completion Mail sent by the Team, the same is supposed to be reported to HR via mail.
    4. We at RASA provide handwritten certificates and not printed certificates. If there is any issue with regards to the handwriting or the spelling, the same has to be communicated with the Team and no other students. This may attract the student with a fine of Rs.5000/-
    5. Certificates would be dispatched only on the 15th and the 30th of every month. Please make sure you complete the feedback procedure on or before the 13th or 28th of every month because they need to be prepared. If a student misses the date, then their certificate would be dispatched on the next date of dispatch.
    6. All communication related to the project or review will be on the project mail thread only. No separate mail or chat will be considered or reverted. As the entire work is drafted and designed by RASA, for which the Student is trained hence Student must report the status of work in the mail thread weekly, and accordingly trainer will guide you. If a student fails to report an updated trainer or supervisor will not be responsible for completing the course.

    G: Additional Charges Involved.

    1. In the event, if the student has logged in from more than 1 device then the RASA account shall get blocked automatically. To unblock the same a sum of Rs.500/- along with 18% GST will be levied.
    2. Extension in timelines (duration of the course) will attract charges as deemed fit by RASA. This will also include an extension on account of medical reasons.
    3. Extensions on medical grounds shall be provided only for training purposes. However, the student needs to pay for Review Work and Project Work if any. The charges would be applicable as mentioned in the below point (point no.7).
    4. Students need to ensure that they strictly follow the schedule they have opted for. Weekday to weekend and vice versa will strictly be not allowed. However, if the student wishes to change the batch then a fee of Rs.5000/- along with 18% GST needs to be paid for such change. The same implies with regard to changes in the batch timings as well.
    5. If a student does not attend the class within 3 months of joining / batch date, then his/her registration will be deemed canceled and a formal mail shall be sent to the concerned. For rejoining students have to pay the re-registration fee again as per company polices.
    6. Study material, video, and audio reference recordings access will be provided to you once your fee is cleared. This is explained during registration will be with an expiry. Further extension on video recordings access would attract an additional charge of INR 100/- per day or INR 2500/- along with 18% GST for a month’s time.
    7. In circumstances where a student is unable to complete his/her Review Work, Project Work, or both on time, he/she needs to pay INR 5000/- per month along with 18% GST for an extension.
    8. The charges of extension for Review Work, Project Work, or both are applicable individually and cannot be shared or split between students assisting or accompanying the work. They need to be borne by all the students independently.
    9. In case a student opting for Industrial Training courses requires study material for future references, he/she can avail of the same in form of pdf which would come with a charge of INR 1000/- along with 18% GST.
    10. Projects and review work have to be completed within the time duration mentioned during registration. Extensions will only be granted by management and application scientist team heads if found genuine. The extension would be chargeable as deemed fit by RASA.
    11. Digitally signed certificates will be issued to all students. However, if the student wants a physical certificate then he/she has to pay a sum of Rs.150/- towards courier and other charges for domestic shipment and as per DHL tariff for all international locations. This charge is applicable only if you request a physical certificate within a month’s time of issuing you a digital certificate.
    12. An extra charge of INR 1000/- would be levied on students asking for physical certificates after 1 month of the issuing of the digital certificates or a second-time requirement of a physical certificate. This excludes the charges towards courier and other charges for domestic shipment and as per DHL tariff for all international locations.
    13. We shall issue LOR (Letter of Recommendations) not more than 2 only to such students who are enrolled for a 6 months RT course with us. Additional LORs requested would be chargeable for INR 500/- per LOR.
    14. The Research Training Module is divided into a duration of 3+3 i.e. 3 months for training + 3 months for Review/Project Work or both. It may take less time to complete your training which extends the timing for your Review Project Work or both. However, if there is any delay in completing the training from RASA's end then a proper extension would be provided to the students accordingly.
    15. Unprofessional behavior of students with the Team members of RASA will strictly not be tolerated. It can result in the cancellation of a student's registration with no possibility of a Refund.
    16. The certificate of the completed course must be availed within a duration of 3 months after which there would be a charge of Rs.2000/- for availing the same.
    17. If the training period of any student is over and requires a brush-up or training on any particular module once again, then the same can be done with a charge of Rs.7000/- per month. Charges on prorate basis are not applicable. The student will have to take an extension for a month under any circumstances.

    H: Job Assistance.

    1. Students must maintain an average grade “A2” throughout their training to be eligible for Job Assistance
    2. Students must attend all the HR sessions and mock interviews as organized by Team RASA. Else they shall not be assisted with job openings.
    3. Clearing the RASA Aptitude test is a MUST for all job openings.
    4. Students need to perform well with HR and Mr. Sameer Chaudhary (CSO) in the following parameters: A. Technical knowledge B. Communication C. Formal appearance and presentable.
    5. Response within 24 hours is expected regarding the job opening shared via email. The response should clearly mention if the candidate is willing to apply for the shared opening/position.
    6. Post confirmation from candidates for job applications, it is mandatory to attend a job interview, if the candidate fails to do so then he/she shall not be eligible for any further job assistance from RASA.
    7. 2 Interview calls per candidate for Industrial Training and 4 interview calls per candidate for Research Training.
    8. Job assistance would be shared for a lifetime.

    I: Addressing Your Issues:

    1. For queries related to job assistance, certificates, documents, grievances, feedback related to training or any other communication connection with HR at make sure to keep the rest of the RASA Team in cc.
    2. For assistance with regards to technical issues or your training program please write to your respective trainer, keeping the rest of the RASA Team in cc.
    3. For issues related to study material, extension for videos, fees, taking up another course, etc. please write to our marketing team keeping the rest of the RASA Team in cc.
    4. For any grievances or issues that you are facing with regard to the HR, Trainer or Marketing Team kindly write to Mr. Sameer Chaudhary.

    The Management reserves the right to add/change the Training guidelines at their discretion. Any changes in the guidelines shall be informed to students accordingly

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